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The Montessori Family's Role

The Montessori Familys Role

The Montessori Family’s Role


by P Donohue Shortridge


Tips for Daily Life…


Routine, routine, routine!

Your child can do just about everything for himself.

“Every useless aid arrests development.” Maria Montessori

Everybody does chores/show him how.

Hands on activities are best.

Limits are needed for your child’s optimum development.

Your child shows you he needs more limits when he acts out.

Unstructured, slow time in nature is crucial every day.

Tv/movies/dvds, organized sports and computer skills can wait.

Do not negotiate what is not negotiable/ “OK?” at the end of a sentence.

Slow down; your child cannot move, think, talk or transition as quickly as you can.

Together, sort through your child’s books and toys then remove many of them.

Each possession has a place.

Be present; your child does not understand “later.”

More conversation and laughter, less badgering.

Your word is your bond/your child is learning to trust from you.

Enjoy and accompany your child through his development.


Parenting is the biggest work you will ever do. Your child needs you to do it well.