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Enrouraging Phrases for your Child

Ways To Encourage

  • “Thank you for helping with…”


  • “It makes mornings/lunch/outings easier when you_____. Thank you!”


  • “I really appreciate when you_____.”


  • “Thank you for doing that. It means we can now______.”


  • “We did it together!”


  • “Wow! You did it on your own!”


  • “You did ____and then _____ and it worked out.”


  • “That took a long time, and you did it!”


  • “How did you do that?”


  • “You did ____, what will you do next?”


  • “Can you tell me about it?”


  • “What is your favorite part?”


  • “How did you think of that?”


  • “I really enjoy doing this with you.”


  • “I love watching you ________.”


  • “I’m so proud to be your parent.”


  • “Look how happy your friend is when you _______.”


  • “You kept going even when it was hard.”


  • You look so pleased to have done that.”


  • “It makes you feel good when you _______.”