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Hear what people are saying about Mt. Si Arbor...

"We love the school and staff!"

"My child has never liked a teacher as much as he loves all teachers at Mt Si Arbor"

"I can see genuine care for the children and community. The demeanor of teachers and culture of the school is so positive, warm and caring. We feel very confident in the lead teacher staff knowledge and execution of the Montessori philosophy. We think the curriculum/lessons have been great."

"Love sending my child to a school that feels like an extension of "home" to them."

"We love the curriculum and instruction. It's amazing to see how independent our toddler has become since starting at Mt. Si Arbor. We also enjoy knowing our toddler gets lots of outdoor time and investigates things outside."

"My son has experience around and helping with animals, he is treated with respect, all teachers are very open to discussion about my child to help with helping him."

"We love the playground, the walks, the nature and outdoors focus, the independence and group experiences. Basically, everything."