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Nurturing the Spirit

Here in North Bend in this pocket of nature and beauty, it is easy to see and nurture the wonder already present in our learners. With Mt. Si in the back-drop, visiting birds and squirrels, and daily worm hunts in the garden we can take the time to appreciate our surroundings. However, as an educator, the task of nurturing the spirits of these little beings can seem quite overwhelming. As Aline Wolf tells us in her book of the same title, 

"Our task as spiritual nurturers becomes easier when we realize that we do not have to instill spirituality in the child, we have only to protect it from being trampled and nourish its natural growth."

Dr. Maria Montessori states that if we can meticulously create an environment with this in mind, we can reach and therefore nourish the spirit of the child. At Mt. Si Arbor Montessori School, this is our goal. 

We cannot discount this importance of reaching this goal daily. Yes, we want our learners to reach their academic goals and they do with the use of our hands-on Montessori developed math, language and geography materials. But what we are speaking of here goes much deeper than that- we delve in to the development of compassion, forgiveness, honesty, kindness, and love.This is what we are referring to when we say the nurturing of the spirit within our prepared indoor and outdoor environments. This is an education for life. 

We invite you to come see this for yourself. Our toddler and primary classrooms are always open for observation with an appointment. 

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Open House Event!

Join Anne Granderson, Positive Discipline Educator and mom of four, for an Intro to Positive Discipline. During this 2 hour session we'll dig into what it means to raise children in a way that feels RESPECTFUL and EFFECTIVE. You will leave with a framework for parenting with firmness AND kindness that will strengthen parent-child relationships, foster independence and confidence, and bring more ease and joy to your family life.

To register for this FREE event visit: 

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