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Arbor Montessori Schools of Sammamish to open sister school campus in North Bend

July 20th, 2018

North Bend, WA - Mary O’Brien established Arbor Montessori Schools on the Sammamish Plateau in 1993. It serves 150 children from infancy through 6th grade. In 2008, the principle of Issaquah Montessori school approached the owner of Arbor hoping that Arbor would keep her dream alive since she was relocating to Eastern Washington. The O’Briens did take on Issaquah Montessori in 2009 and it now serves 90 children from ages 15 months to six years. For several years Arbor Montessori Schools has been looking to join the Snoqualmie Valley Community. When the owner and operator of Mountain Valley Montessori School found her family relocating to Tacoma, Arbor once more was faced with the opportunity to bring its institutional experience and passion for Montessori to keep another founder’s dream alive. The principles of Arbor will take over the operations of Mountain Valley Montessori at 248 Main St, in beautiful downtown North Bend. The Montessori school will operate as Mt. Si Arbor and will serve children from 15 months to six years of age.

Mary O’Brien, the founder of Arbor Montessori, and her son Sean O’Brien, the current Director of Arbor Montessori have hired Sarah Harper, a well respected Board member and officer of The Pacific Northwest Montessori Association, and Montessori child turned Montessori Teacher, to bring to life their vision of a  high quality, authentic, Montessori program for the North Bend community. As stated by Sean, “ Arbor brings 27 years of institutional experience and wisdom to Sarah’s passion for Montessori which she brings from her Montessori childhood as well as her training and 13 years of teaching experience.”

You will certainly see the improvements to the outside environment as you drive down Main Ave S or East Park Street. There are currently plans to upgrade the playground area with Mary O’Brien envisioning a “Downtown Park setting for the students and community.” On the inside there will be modernizing of environment while creating a more efficient space for both students and teachers.

For more information visit or contact Sarah at 206-495-7261.

The whole team is excited to create an inclusive community, that will guide the development of lifelong learners!

Thank you for clicking through the other Arbor pages. Our program offerings will be mirroring the current Arbor Schools over the coming months!