Arbor Montessori School
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Is Montessori right for your child?

Arbor Montessori is a vibrant learning community in the heart of
Sammamish, where children are empowered to discover their unique
potential through an authentic Montessori approach that nurtures their
natural curiosity, independence, and love of learning in an
academically stimulating and culturally responsive program.

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Experiential learning and play

Through hands on materials, children are able to have concrete experiences of abstract concepts. This is what neuroscience refers to as, "building a better brain." 

Program Specialists

We are very proud of our teaching and support staff. Please click through and read about some of our wonderful educators and what brought them to Montessori and to Arbor.

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    Vanessa Contreras


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    Anna Prashanth


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    Claire Benn


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    Nigel Laight


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    Nicole Champoux


Is Arbor right for your child?

  1. Read more about Montessori philosophy and Arbor’s approach vision

  2. Have a look at or schedule a tour of our campus

  3. Learn more about our faculty and staff...

  4. Read through our curricula and get a sense of each program

  5. Schedule a tour or a call with one of our administrators

  6. Read our Family Handbook to get familiar with the school

We give your child all of the pieces they need and help them realize everything they can build

With individualized instruction that meets the needs of the child, Arbor is a wonderful environment for your learner to grow academically, socially and emotionally.