Our Programs

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Our Programs

Arbor Montessori School provides nurturing education to children from infancy through early adolescents. At each level, the curricula and classrooms are designed to respond to the developmental characteristics of each particular age group.

Cooperative experiences in cross-age groupings are a feature of the Montessori classroom environment. Dr. Montessori’s belief that a mixed age group enhances the child’s learning experience finds increasing support in current research. Studies show that younger children in the group gain through their observations of and interactions with the older child’s advanced skills. Additionally, the older children restructure and solidify their acquired understanding as they participate with the younger ones.

At Arbor Montessori School, we have created a unique environment staffed with dedicated people committed to inspiring each student to develop to his or her greatest potential.

For descriptions of each program level, including an overview of our curriculum, please choose from the menu on the left.

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